Oberharmersbach - in the heart of middle Black Forest


In the middle of everything: this is typical for Oberharmersbach.
And this is also typical for the „Bären“.


But let`s start with the romantic situation in the heart of the middle Black Forest. Starting from Offenburg you quickly get upwards the river Kinzig. The meadows become thicker, the woods become denser, and then you turn into a lovely side-valley, where one Black Forest village after another is lined up at the border of the peacefully meandering little Harmersbach river.


Brandenkopf (932m) and Täschenkopf (825m) let you dream of wonderful wanderings and sights, while a special destination is waiting for you in Oberharmersbach: your hotel „Bären“.


Rainer and Leni Kuber have made a name for themselves as „Bärenwirts“, after all the „Bären“ in Oberharmersbachis one of the most popular hotels in this region. Restaurateur Kuber did the job properly and opened 4 hotels with 450 beds in total.


Therefore he is one of the biggest restaurateurs in Southern Germany.